Rehabilitation: A Team Approach

Who Is Involved in Your Care?

Patients receive skilled rehabilitation, evaluation, and treatment services up to six days a week, or as prescribed. The multidisciplinary team providing these services includes:



Board certified Internal Medicine physicians care for each patient and are available 24 hours a day. These experts may also request consultations with other specialists during your stay.

Documents-X-Ray-Hand-icon-Custom  Rehabilitation Team

Our comprehensive rehabilitation team includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, restorative aides, and speech-language pathologists. Services provided include strength and endurance training, range of motion and therapeutic exercise, and gait training.


Qualified nurses provide daily, individualized care to each patient, effectively managing complex health care issues; collaborating with other professionals and disciplines, such as occupational or speech therapy. Our nurses provide patients and their caregivers with needed education; setting patients’ goals that are aimed at maximizing independence; and establishing plans of care that maintain patients’ optimal wellness.

plaster-icon-Custom Certified Wound Specialists

Our Wound Care program features nurses who are certified in wound care. They are trained and dedicated to managing complex wound care problems using a variety of treatment modalities. Our interdisciplinary wound care team meets regularly to discuss management of residents’ wounds and is composed of the wound-certified registered nurses, physical therapist, and Registered Dietitian.

Apple-icon-Custom Dietitian

Our licensed dietitian can complete a dietary evaluation to determine your nutritional needs, track your progress, make dietary recommendations, and provide nutritional education.

Medical-invoice-information-icon-Custom Case Managers

Our Social Service/Case Managers provide psychological support, care coordination, and discharge planning. They interview each new patient to obtain information that helps the multidisciplinary team create a personalized plan of care. They also work to ensure that the appropriate health care and social service support and resources have been identified and coordinated for you upon discharge.

CSLCustomer Service Liaisons

Our philosophy starts and ends with providing a great customer experience and our customer service liaisons are a vital link in that process. During each patient’s stay within our short-term unit, they are assigned a “Customer Service Liaison” who will visit daily to ensure questions and concerns are followed up on, as well as to act as a goodwill ambassador to our patients and their loved ones!


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